New data shows 4,500 individuals currently experience homelessness in DC

2019-12-04 | , Miriam's Kitchen

New data shows 4,500 individuals currently experience homelessness in DC  

According to recent1 data, there are approximately 4,500 individuals currently experiencing homelessness in the District2.   

The Way Home Campaign calls on Mayor Bowser to both invest in housing programs proven to end homelessness while also funding strategies to prevent people from falling into, and becoming trapped in, homelessness.  


Behind the numbers 

 Our analysis of these numbers illustrates that:  

  • 1,538 individuals need Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)a housing program that pairs rental subsidies with supportive services. These individuals, many of whom have been homeless for years or decades, are most at risk of dying in the streets on in shelters and are in urgent need of housing.  
  • Thousands of DC residents need short term support to avoid or exit homelessness. DC needs to better fund flexible programs that prevent homelessness or help people quickly find stable housing.  

Despite significant investments over the past several years, much more funding is needed to end homelessness in DC. These numbers illustrate the scope of our homelessness crisis and the need for robust funding to house our most vulnerable neighbors. 

What’s next? 

The Way Home Campaign will continue to work with partners to finalize our budget recommendations. For the time being, we need your help to highlight the immense and urgent need of people experiencing homelessness who need housing. Can you can help us by sharing this tweet and facebook post? 

Housing saves lives and ends homelessness 

Homelessness does not have to exist, especially in a city as prosperous as DC. Yet in 2018, 54 people died without housing. This is both a tragic and solvable problem. DC has proven that housing with the right wrap-around services ends homelessness. For those fortunate enough to receive a voucher, housing saves lives. We need your help to tell Mayor Bowser to fund life-changing and life-saving programs that end homelessness. It’s beyond time for DC to end chronic homelessness.  



1 Data taken from the Coordinated Entry and Housing Placement system  

2 Not including veterans